Since 2019

FlexGames Server rules

Playing rules:

- Respect others

- No obviously offensive names, builds or skins

- No advertising or mentioning other servers

- No scamming

- Do not ask to become staff

- Do not impersonate staff

- AFK is allowed, but be reasonable, log out if you don’t NEED to stay online

- No player killing, without mutual PvP consent

- Ask potential neighbours for their permission, before settling down and claiming land.
- No account sharing, one person per account!

- Try not to use alt accounts for afk farms.

- No trading goods in the game, for real life items, services or money.

- No looting in or near obviously established bases!

- No griefing - this includes defacing, destroying, graffiti, or building on top of other people’s builds / constructions. This also includes 1x1 towers and holes.

Allow moderators and helper to do their jobs - We’re here to help !
- You are not allowed to threaten or punish other players for violating rules.

Always report to staff - and let staff deal with it !

- You may not contradict, argue or ignore any decision or order made by staff members. Violating this, might ensure jail, mute or temporary ban.

- Remember, any disagreements should be posted in the “complaints” section in our Discord server: discord.com/invite/XjP5tt2

Chat rules:

- No spamming

- No begging

- No trolling

- No racism

- No all-caps talk

- No unapproved links to third party pages

- Be appropriate and write family friendly

- No counting up, or down

- No complaining about lag

- No cursing at others in public chat

Remember, you’ll be treated as you treat others

Farms and redstone:

- Be moderate. Large or excessive TNT, entities (harvests, mining, etc) can cause serverlag

- Building large farms or redstone with intent to cause lag, will be IP banned.

- All redstone builds must have a “off-switch”. Especially redstone clocks and large farms.

- Always turn off redstone farms when you leave the farm/build area.

- Also note that 0-tick farms are disabled. Use of these can cause immediate IP ban.

- Hopper-minecart systems are a horrible idea, as their lag-galore. Don’t use them.

- Mob farms must have a “off-switch”. This may include ability to turn on lights to limit spawn.

- 1 player or person may have no more then 1 farm of 1 type/mob/animal/plant.

So no individual player may have for example 6 enderfarms.

- Use of multiple spawners inside a farm, is allowed.

- Farms using mechanics of water is not allowed to receive automatic updates and has to remain small.

- AFK fish farms are allowed, but it is NOT allowed to have a fisherman's job whilst using a afk fish farm. Doing this will incur penalties.

- AFK fish farms must be over 80 blocks away from other farms.

Mod-files rules:

- Minimaps are allowed

- No flying mods

- No X-Ray mods (or texture packs)

- No jumping mods

- No banned items

- No climbing mods

- No speed mods

- No mob radars or cave mods

Be warned, there is anti-xray software on our servers.

Hacking, or attempt of hacking will cause IP-ban.

Any complaints on other players, lag, or other issues that are more complicated can be posted in the “complaints” section on our Discord server. discord.com/invite/XjP5tt2

Note, Moderators are allowed to go beyond these rules in cases of severe rule violations, numerous warnings or acts where there is no current rule, but should be.